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CRYPTOGAMIE is divided into three sections Cryptogamie, Bryologie, Cryptogamie, Algologie et Cryptogamie, Mycologie.

Cryptogamie, Algologie   Cryptogamie, Bryologie Cryptogamie, Mycologie

Formerly : Revue bryologique founded in 1874 by Pierre Tranquille Husnot (1840-1929)
Revue bryologique 1874-1928 (t. 1-53) ; moved successfully to : Revue bryologique, n.s., 1928-1931 (t. 1-4), Revue bryologique et lichénologique 1932-1979 (t. 5-41), Cryptogamie, Bryologie-Lichénologie, 1980-1998 (1-19) and Cryptogamie, Bryologie

Editor in Chief :

Denis Lamy,
Département Systématique et Evolution,
UMR 7205, Cryptogamie,
CP 39, 57, rue Cuvier,
75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel. (33) 1 40 79 31 84, Fax (33) 1 40 79 32 09,

Associate Editors :

Molecular biology and phylogeny
Bernard Goffinet,
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
U-43 75 North Eagleville Road,
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06268-3043, U.S.A.,

European mosses
Vicente Mazimpaka,
Departamento de Biologia (Botanica), Facultad de Ciencias,
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid,
28049 Madrid, Espagne,

African and Antarctic mosses
Rysiek Ochyra,
Laboratory of Bryology,
Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences,
ul. Lubicz 46, 31-512, Krakow, Pologne,

Molecular phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography of hepaties
Jochen Heinrichs,
LMU Department für Biologie,
Systematische Botanik und Mykologie,
Meinziger Strasse 67,
80638 München, Allemagne

Asian bryophytes
Rui-Liang Zhu,
School of Life Science, East China Normal University,
3663 Zhong Shan North Road, Shanghai 200062, China,

Franck-Olivier Denayer,
Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques de Lille,
Laboratoire de Botanique et de Cryptogamie,
B.P. 83, 59006 Lille Cedex, France,

Indexing and Abstracting Services

Services which cover Cryptogamie, Bryologie include Biological Abstracts, Current Contents, Science Citation Index, Publications bibliographiques du CNRS (Pascal).

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