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Volume 36    n° 4  ,  Décembre  2015
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Searching for indicator species of old-growth spruce forests: studies in the genus Jahnoporus (Polyporales, Basidiomycota)
p. 409-417


Jahnoporus hirtus is an old-growth forests inhabiting polypore distributed widely in the northern hemisphere. Our morphological, ecological and DNA data confirm that at least three closely related species exist under that name. Jahnoporus hirtus in the strict sense is distributed in old mountain forests of Central Europe and North America, and it inhabits many conifer substrates. Jahnoporus brachiatus sp. nov. is an East Asian species, found in the secondary lowland forest. Its close relative, the East Asian J. oreinus sp. nov. is a strong indicator of pristine spruce forests in highlands.
Forest conservation / Polypores / Wood-rotting fungi


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