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Volume 36    n° 4  ,  Décembre  2015
A new species of Fissurina and new records of Graphidaceae from Vietnam
p. 383-397


Fissurina hemithecioides from Vietnam is described for the first time. The new taxon is characterized by prominent ascomata with swollen labia, 2-3-spored asci, rather large, muriform, I- to weakly amyloid ascospores and the presence of the stictic acid chemosyndrome. In addition, records of the genera Carbacanthographis, Chapsa, Graphis, Pallidogramme, Phaeographis and Thecographa are listed, including important diagnostic characteristics of species along with distribution, ecology and illustrations.
Bidoup Nui Ba National Park / Corticolous / Da Lat / Graphis striatula / Lichen / Muriform / Stictic acid / Taxonomy / Tropical


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